It’s been an absolute honor to be a part of the MDwise Marketplace marketing campaign, helping residents of Indiana get access to affordable healthcare. Their entire campaign for the past year has centered around magic, and last October I had the pleasure of being the featured magician in their commercial. Even as I tour throughout the midwest, whenever I’m driving in Indiana I see billboards around with their campaign:

Billboard of MDwise Magic

LIVE at the Indiana Black Expo

This past weekend, MDwise invited back to represent the campaign. This time, they were hosting an educational booth at the Indiana Black Expo, an annual gathering to serves to be “an effective voice and vehicle for the social and economic advancement of African-Americans.” The section of the expo we were set up in was for health services.

David Ranalli performing magic with MDwiseThere was competition against other health care companies, as well as medical devise, medication, and hospital services. Standing out was no easy task with so many options available. By bringing in my magic, we were able to draw people in with something different.

People gathered as they saw $1 bills turn into $100’s, playing cards vanish and reappear, and a few even had their mind’s read. With customized magic and presentations, we built crowds up to about 20 people at any given point, which was a lot for the narrow walk ways in the expo room. Happy to say people walked away smiling and excited to learn more about MDwise.

It’s important to note, that while I don’t work for MDwise, I do get a sense of satisfaction in helping my fellow citizens become educated on options for healthcare. With everyone now having the ability to purchase healthcare, regardless of their medical history, bridging the gap so everyone can see a doctor is important.

For those who may have missed the commercial online or on TV, here it is one more time: