Office Happy Hour Ideas

- Happy Hour Magic - Office Happy Hour Ideas People are back in the office! And even if they're working from home or anyway remotely, it is still important to remain a team with a shared sense of community. And as the saying goes, people who play together, stay together. Hosting regular [...]

The Future of Hybrid Events

The Future of Hybrid Events For you event planners out there, I have something special for you. In addition to Virtual Magic Shows, I'm also getting asked to do Hybrid performances. Hybrid events are going mainstream, so I decided to interview an expert! Jaime Smith is a long-time event industry friend and [...]

Book Your Holiday Party Today!

Ready to Make Your Company Holiday Party Rock? Tis' the season to plan your holiday party. With catering, travel, and every other area you need to cover, the dinner entertainment should not be something you have to worry about. As a professional corporate Magician, event planners continuously refer or rebook my show because I make [...]

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