About David Ranalli

David Ranalli is a globe-trotting magician, author, and public speaker. His latest show, INFLUENCE, is mystifying people around the world at corporate events, conferences, and virtual gatherings.

Booming with laughter and astonishment, David’s performances are a powerful combination of magic, mind-games, and hypnosis. Audiences are lured in by David’s energetic showmanship, and quickly become part of an interactive experience that they won’t soon forget.

Some of David’s work has been featured on Entrepreneur.com, TEDx, and TV Commercials. When he is off-stage, people describe David as quiet, funny, and hardworking. 

History & Training

David Ranalli Meets David Blaine

Blaine expresses excitement as he and Ranalli snap a photo.

David Ranalli was born and raised in Chicago. His life in magic started at age 13 when he snuck backstage to meet the legendary stage illusionist David Copperfield.

After deciding he wanted a simpler approach, Ranalli drew inspiration from magicians like David Blaine, and would practice his craft everywhere he could. After only 1 year Ranalli found a regular gig performing in restaurants and private parties, doing as many shows as possible to perfect his craft.

His training advanced when he decided to study Speech Communication & Philosophy at Southern Illinois University. Free to explore, David learned everything he could about psychology, language, non-verbal expression, and the effects of electronic media on the brain. David helped organize one of the first cell phone addiction studies, and graduated at the top of his class. 

David’s personal time is mostly spent with his family, splitting time between Indianapolis and Chicago. David likes to unplug from the world by trying to grow all of his own food. His “food forest” garden is filled with a variety of rare fruits, nuts, mushrooms, and wild vegetables. He also has a flock of chickens, and claims one of them is possessed by evil spirits.