About David Ranalli

David Ranalli - Corporate Magician in Chicago & Indianapolis

David Ranalli is a renowned and captivating magician, speaker, and event MC. Ranalli creates a full-scale show of wonder, along with audience participation, charming sarcasm. Traveling across the U.S., he is called upon to create unforgettable experiences at exclusive corporate meetings, conferences, and at celebrity events.

He has performed for a who’s who of Fortune 500 companies like JP Morgan Chase & Walgreen’s, as well as TV personalities, politicians, business leaders, and top athletes. David has also been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, and his talents in a TV commercial for MDwise Marketplace Healthcare, as well as profiled by media such as NBC, NPR, and PBS.

His fascination with illusion is rooted in his background of human communication and psychology. The magic that Ranalli presents is designed to be interactive and to get people out of their comfort zone. Altering people’s perception of reality, Ranalli works tirelessly to reminds us how powerful and mysterious our lives truly are in this new and distracting digital world.

David is currently is based in both Chicago and Indianapolis, and travels nationwide to create impact at events. He can be frequently seen headlining at the new Chicago Magic Lounge, helping to keep the rich tradition of “Chicago style magic” alive.

Quick Facts

  • Started practicing magic at age 13 after meeting David Copperfield
  • Once stopped a mugger from robbing him by showing him magic
  • Began performing professionally at age 14 in Chicago restaurants & private parties.
  • Received several college scholarships from the Society of American Magicians for his achievements in Academics & Magic
  • Was Featured in a TV Commerical
  • He was the featured magician for Rev
  • Also the featured magician for the Snakepit Ball
  • Has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine