About David Ranalli

David Ranalli is a renowned magician, speaker, & media personality. Using simple and everyday objects, he creates a full-scale show of wonder that captivates and inspires.


Ranalli has performed top corporate and social events for over 15 years. His audiences include TV personalities, politicians, business leaders, and top athletes. As a leader in his industry, Ranalli is the go-to choice for exclusive corporate events, conferences, and at celebrity events.


When watching David’s magic, it is clear that there is more going on than meets the eye. Every magical experience is crafted to astonish, create laughter, and leave people questioning their sense of reality. David Ranalli’s understanding of the imagination, human behavior, and showmanship combine into a real-time story in which the audience plays an essential role.


On his Blog, David Ranalli shares his adventures, as well as the magician’s take a variety of subjects such as artificial intelligence, communication, personal development, and much more.


David is currently is based in both Chicago and Indianapolis, and travels nationwide to create impact at events. He can be frequently seen headlining at the new Chicago Magic Lounge.

Quick Facts

  • Started practicing magic at age 13 after meeting David Copperfield
  • Once stopped a mugger from robbing him by showing him magic
  • Began performing professionally at age 14 in Chicago restaurants & private parties.
  • Received several college scholarships from the Society of American Magicians for his achievements in Academics & Magic
  • Was Featured in TV Commericals
  • He was the featured magician for Rev
  • Also the featured magician for the Snakepit Ball
  • Has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine