Add Energy & Excitement to Your Next Event!

Treat your guests to a special experience with the magic and mind-reading of  David Ranalli. Whether it is a large audience of 2,000, or an intimate gathering of just 20 people, your audience will see a one-of-a-kind show tailored to your unique event. Ranalli’s programs are interactive, action-packed, and will make your audience the stars of the show.

Types of Corporate Events that Ranalli Has Been Featured At:

  • Appreciation Events
  • Annual Conferences
  • Holiday Parties
  • Trade Shows
  • Sales Meetings
  • Product Launches
  • and Much More!
hire Virtual magician for zoom event magic

– Main Programs-

// Strolling & Close-Up Magic

Break the ice and energize your event! David Ranalli will create laughter and energy throughout the room of your event while mingling through the crowd. Your audience will get to personally interact with David through hands-on magic and mind-reading that will leave a lasting impression.

// Stage Magic & Mind-Reading Show

Light up the stage with laughter and magic. David’s performances make your audiences the stars of the show! With customizable lengths and an easy setup, the Magic of David Ranalli will breathe infectious energy into your event. David’s show, DECEPTION, features interactive magic and mind trickery that will leave your guests awe-struck.

– Other Programs-

// Virtual Magic Shows

Virtual events are here to stay, but they don’t have to be boring! David can help you create the same energy of a live event through the wonders of modern technology.

David’s masterful showmanship skills will have people laughing, participating, and hungry for more. David offers several different lengths of shows, and all of them can be adapted to fit your needs.  No camera tricks and stooges are needed. See more info on here on Virtual Zoom Magic Shows.

// Event Host/Emcee

Awards banquets and conferences don’t have to be boring or stuffy. David Ranalli works with your planning team to add in tasteful flair and comedy to the evening. Your guests will be on the edges of their seats as David delivers your program in a memorable and fitting manner.

Highlight your conference theme, award winners, or sponsors in an entertaining and amazing way. David Ranalli will serve as your host & master of ceremonies, drawing on his experience as a speaker and corporate entertainment professional. To see a video about David’s Emcee abilities, click here.

// Trade Show Magic

When David Ranalli, hits the trade show floor, people take notice. He is a trade show magician, performing rapid-fire magic and comedy that gets your exhibit seen by the people who matter. His presentations are specially crafted to the trade show passerby; they are visual, comedic, and showcase your products and services. Your vision will come to life as people engage with your products and services in a way that they will never forget.  People will hear your message, and leave spellbound and laughing. More here on Trade Show Magic.