Patience: Why Creating This Magic Commercial Was 5 Years in the Making

This commercial is a simple 30 seconds of blatant advertising, but to me it is so much more. This commercial is a compilation of experience with live events, making videos online, and learning to customize to the needs of my corporate clients. I think it would be easy to say that I got to be a part of this commercial because I’m a magician and had the look they were wanting. The reality is, there is so much more at play than being able to do sleight of hand.

When the original casting call was sent out, I had no idea what to expect. But, when I got the script, I knew there was so much I could bring to it based on the experiences I’ve had over the last five years.

Making Magic Videos: The first of those experiences was making online videos. I have made way more videos than even appear on my Youtube Channel (which I think you should subscribe to). Learning the proper angles, the kind of magic that looks good on camera, and so many other small bits of successes and failures added to my knowledge of how to make a good looking video. When it came time to work with the director of the commercial, we were able to sync immediately because the vision I had was able to accomplish the vision he had for directing the whole scenes.

Working with Corporate Clients at Live Trade Shows: Part of the services I offer to my clients, including Fortune 500’s, is to help their trade show booth stand out against other exhibitors. This gave me the practice in creating customized pieces of magic that are branded and communicate their message. This is surprisingly a hard thing to do and takes a lot of finesse to do in a way that is fun, and not a turn off to people attending the passing traffic at conferences.

Creating a Fun Experience at Live Events: In the end, this commercial needed to be fun. It needed to show that choosing healthcare doesn’t have to sound like a daunting task. Being invited to so many wonderful corporate events and receptions as the after dinner show has helped me maintain the mindset that I am hired on to help keep things exciting. People have long work weeks, stressful situations happening at home, or are bored with the way things are. As a friend once told me, “Magic is about selling dreams.” I’m happy to say that I take that responsibility very seriously and have nothing but respect for other people’s time. When people experience my magic, live and in-person, I want them to forget their problems, and enjoy the moment. And maybe, just maybe, they can carry that experience into other areas of their lives.

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