David is Alive and Well After Brain Aneurysm

Magic Shows to Resume in Late June

David Ranalli in the hospital for brain aneurysm

Yes, David recently suffered a life-threatening brain aneurysm. Thankfully, he will be just fine!

It all began with a migraine headache, or so David thought. After his headache lasted for 3 days, David knew something was wrong and it was time to get to the hospital.

After doing a few tests, the doctors discovered his brain was bleeding. Everyone’s hearts were pumping, and he was rushed to emergency brain surgery.

To fix the bleeding, the surgeon installed a metal “coil” in the vein, which stopped the bleeding.

Thankfully, the surgery went perfectly, and David kept his cool the entire time.

In fact, the second David woke up from surgery he told a scandalous joke to the doctors and nurses, and the operating room erupted with laughter.

Follow-up scans show this repair was successful, which is a huge relief.

Yes, David now has metal in his brain. And yes, he is using it to make his mindreading more powerful.

All of this was made possible because of the amazing work of Dr. Marion John Oliver, a neurosurgeon at Lutheran General Hospital in Park Ridge, IL, David’s hometown.

After the surgery, David and Dr. Oliver became fast friends. This became especially clear when Dr. Oliver started bringing in hospital staff to his room to watch magic and have fun.

And fun it was!

Due to the seriousness of the situation, David was required to cancel several shows and apologizes for any disappointment that may have occurred.

Otherwise, David is very thankful to be alive, for the support of his family, and for the amazing hospital staff.

Recovery will be a long-term process mostly.

David will be back on stage for DECEPTION June 27th!

he is currently resting behind the scenes, getting ready for his return.

Contribute to David’s Recovery:

  1. Book a Magic Show for an upcoming live or virtual event.
  2. Buy a Shirt. But not just any shirt, it’s the official shirt of DECEPTION. Cool!
  3. Send a Tip, Because hospital bills are fun!
  4. Bonus: Write a note to David to let him know how amazing, talented, and humble you think he is.

Helpful Aneurysm Info:

  • Read the warning signs of brain aneurysms, (Courtesy of the Cleveland Clinic)
  • As they say, if you or someone you know says they are suffering from “the worst headache of their life”, it could be the sign of a stroke or aneurysm. Get to the ER to find out, fast!