– Marketing Magic –

Influence People in a Distracted World

With unlimited options to get your brand seen, those who are creative and focused actually achieve their goals. Magic is an exciting way to capture’s people’s attention and connect in a surprising, interactive, and informative way.

David’s magic and messaging tools can be customized to a variety of industries, products, and promotional materials. And, Magic Marketing can be executed across multiple types of online platforms and in-person events.

– PR & Marketing Services –

// Custom Magic Video Production

Infuse your brand, product, or message into a captivating magic video! Over the years, David has consulted on and starred in many product-driven videos. He can use magic to make sure your message will be seen in today’s busy media world. David can write, create, or star in a variety of marketing videos, using compelling and visual storytelling.

// Trade Show Magic

Stand out on the busy trade show floor! David Ranalli will build a crowd as your personal trade show magician. He will make sure you connect and captivate the people who matter. He will also expertly work with your sales team, and develop a simple plan to cycle new clients through your booth.

David also offers a selection of customized props and giveaways that people will keep for years and tell their friends about. Hosting an after-party? David also provides off-site reception entertainment. Create a new experience at your next trade show! Contact David today for more information.

David Ranalli is a trade show magician and presenter. He provides entertainment at trade shows

// Strategy Design

A great marketing plan will understand how to capture people’s attention and from start to finish.

However, the human attention span is shorter than ever thanks to modern technology. Mapping how your audience experiences your PR & marketing plan is essential. David uses a proprietary system of mapping the human attention cycle to achieve your goals. And, combined with his creative talents, the art of influencing people becomes a breeze.

Magician Keynote Speaker

// Publicity Stunts & Product Launches

You don’t need smoke and mirrors to introduce your product into the world… but you can if you want to! David Ranalli is a veteran of the meeting and events industry and has participated in thousands of events across the US. David’s publicity event programs will take your product and weave it into a live event that will garner awareness and adoption. David has an excellent network of dynamic performers and celebrities to ensure the highest quality of production.

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