I’ve had the pleasure of providing customized magic and presentations for many top corporations at their trade shows, including brands like Walgreen’s & Mohawk Group. But even medium sized businesses can reap huge benefits from spending a bit of time focusing on how personable and engaging their booth will be.

You see, I find that most of the time, attention is paid mainly on the aesthetics of a trade show booth display, and sales reps are given the sole responsibility of stopping traffic and getting new clients. Or, worse, many marketing managers think that the more cheap give aways you provide, the better off you will be.

Luckily, other options exist. And while my magic has been the main driving force for the success of many trade show booths, there are a lot of forms of entertainment and trade show games that can be a good lure to get people to enter your booth without friction. So, let’s take a look at the psychology behind why this works:

Stopping/Attracting People to the Booth

Let’s face it, people do not like to be sold to. And in today’s age, even just stopping people from what they are doing is enough to get them to feel like their personal space is being intruded upon. The best way to flip this is to provide something that will attract people to your booth like a moth to a flame. That’s where I, and many other forms of trade show entertainment come into play.

Educating People in a Fun Way

We all know that someone won’t want to buy something or switch brands if they don’t understand the benefits. In fact, the hardest thing to change for grown adults is their beliefs about the world, products and services included. The average person likes to keep their mindset the same because it makes them feel safe. But even from a very young age, and all the way through adult hood, the best way to help someone learn and understand new concepts is through a fun activity. If you make the way they absorb information fun, it doesn’t feel like a chore or a threat their existing view of the world and the way they do things.

Closing the Sale in a Safe Environment

Going back to my first thought; people do not like to be sold to, they like to simply buy as they choose. By providing entertainment in a trade show setting, you are projecting more than just a sense of fun. You are showing your clients that you care enough about their happiness and respect their time. This subconscious thought will pay many dividends throughout your relationship, starting with the trade show floor. Trade shows are a hectic environment, and by hooking traffic through customized entertainment, you be presenting yourself as a safe place to socialize and do business. If the entertainment you provide is great, it will be a constant reminder for years to come about the good that exists in your relationship.

David Ranalli is a trade show magician, presenter, & entertainer. He provides custom magic and mind reading presentations that showcase his client’s products and services in a fun and engaging way at trade shows.