Company holiday party entertainment ideas

1. Hire Professional Entertainment – So I’m biased on this one… but its true. Sometimes, especially if you anticipate being busy with other work, it can be best to hire someone like myself for corporate holiday party entertainment.  Even if you’ve booked me in the past, or are looking for something that is outside of my skill set, please let me know if there is anyone I can introduce you to in the world of entertainment.

2. Play Games – Board games or other sorts of interactive games are great to do something fun as a group without investing too much time into something that with a big set up. Buy the games new, and make sure they are simple. After the game is over, the winner can take it home.

3. Give to Charity – So this isn’t necessarily entertaining, but boy will you feel good. This can be done in addition to or instead of a banquet party (although both would likely be appreciated by employees). Find a cause that everyone can get behind. Make sandwiches and bring them to the homeless, have a toy drive, or clean up your local area. Giving back to the community is a great way to make the holidays about more than just the self.

4. Build Something Together – A lot of these programs are actually tied to charity, but they can be part of an employee gift as well. One program that comes to mind is a bike building program; all of your employees get the tools they need to build a bike that they can take home or give to at risk youth.

5. Host a Game Show – This one is sort of a hybrid of professional entertainment and playing games. But yes you can actually hire a game show for your event. While I personally have never interacted with any one of these, I have heard that they are fun and could be a good option for you.