Magician on stage Indianapolis

Here I am, on stage, killing it because the sound system projects my beautiful voice with sharp clarity.

Always Invest in a Quality Sound System

When is the last time you watched an entire online video that had terrible sound quality? Probably never. Even if the visual elements are great, not being able to hear what is going on matters. The same thing applies to your events; people need to hear what is going on in a crisp & clear way.

DO NOT skimp on having a quality sound system. If you’re experienced in hosting events, you may already have one, or you may go out and rent one, or you may have contracted sound technicians for the event. In any case, having quality sound is key.

Sometimes a venue will already have a sound system. If you’re hosting in a mom & pop type of banquet hall, make 100% sure any in-house systems work well. If you can’t confirm this, I recommend not risking it, and to bring one in yourself. In any case, having a quality sound system will help communicate everything effectively throughout the event, and prevent any technical difficulties. For live entertainment, a simple set up of two speakers on each side of the stage facing the audience is extremely effective. The entertainer can present with clarity and authority throughout the room.

My my style of show, the two speaker set up is extremely effective (more effective than surround sound actually). It also helps that the sounds systems I most often use echo throughout the room. Both of these qualities make sure I am the loudest and most authoritative voice in the room.