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Office Happy Hour Ideas

Office Happy Hour Ideas

People are back in the office! And even if they’re working from home or anyway remotely, it is still important to remain a team with a shared sense of community. And as the saying goes, people who play together, stay together.

Hosting regular happy hours after work is a great way for employees to casually bond and release stress. And with more people going to the office again, companies are looking for ways to make their office happy hours more engaging and fun. Hosting entertainment is a great way to draw people in and make sure people are doing more than just standing around the bar.


I am happy to announce my new program “Happy Hour Magic”! This program is designed to bring you the best experiences for your happy hours and office gatherings. Here are just a few ideas of what we can do to make your next office gathering a huge hit.

// Strolling Magic

Doing close-up magic while mingling with the crowd is a class way to step up your experience. People will laugh, feel a sense of connection, and be WOW’ed by amazing magic. Plus, there is no extra setup to make it happen. David simply arrives and gets started.

// Group Magic Show

If you’re looking for a more focused activity, hosting an actual magic show is a great way to get people seated and experiencing something together. David’s group show can play in the smallest office or the largest conference room. Get in touch for more details on making a show happen.

// Your Team Learns Magic!

This team activity is a great way for people to learn fun skills that translate into the workplace. This activity is designed to be an exercise in confidence, presentation skills, and inner growth. Here’s how it works: David arrives with decks of cards for everyone and teaches them a simple card trick. People then break into small groups to practice and rehearse the trick. At the end, the best performer from the group performs the trick. The best new magician wins a prize! If you would like to purchase custom playing cards with your company logo, David provides this service as an added special touch.