When you work in a company, you will often be asked to put together something for team building activities so your employees will learn just how to work together better. If you have never had to do any of these types of corporate team building activities, they really can be fun and bring everyone together. These activities can be anything from games to trust exercises, and can really bring a group of coworkers together and help to form a stronger bond between everyone.

A photo of David Ranalli providing Fun Corporate Team Building Activities

There can be many different types of activities that a corporate event planner will plan for your employees to do. Some of these take part right in the office; some take part in offsite camp like structures. You hear of things like a “team building camp” that will be a weekend long trip where everyone goes to learn how to work together better. These activities have been proven to help people get to know each other better than not using them, as well as creating friendships and bonds within the company. These bonds will help make the team work much better together, and they will often be more productive together, making the company more profitable.

My Team Building Programs

As an entertainer, I’ve worked to be proficient in creating shows that include fun corporate team building activities. Here are some examples of those activities:

  • Pair your audience into teams, and teach people simple magic tricks that they can perform for each other in small groups
  • Perform my full stage show of magic and mind reading, which automatically gets your audience involved and become the stars of the show.
  • Provide close up magic during networking events to help facilitate conversation, and provide natural introductions to people who have never met before.

If your company is looking for someone to hire to help with corporate team building activities, I would advise looking into what I can do for you. With so many fun activities, you will see that I don’t just entertain the group there, but instead help to bring everyone closer together. You will see that at the end of my shows, your employees are more willing to open up and work with each other, as well as wanting to show off their skill at the new tricks they learned. It is important to make team building activities fun so people will want to be there, and together we can make that happen.