David Ranalli on Mic - Messy PeopleI was recently interviewed and featured in an article on Mic! The topic was questioning why creative people often have messy workspaces. I have to admit, I’m a bit of an expert on this subject considering every workspace I have is considered messy to anyone else but me.

People often see me balancing a bunch of projects, writing like a mad man with paper flying everywhere, and are often shocked to see how much work I’m able to produce. People often feel like my work seems choatic, but to me it is all in perfect harmony, even if that work is not complete.

You see, in order to create a high volume of good quality work, one must produce a lot of bad work. You must try things, and save failed projects or incomplete ideas. As the volume of work is produced, one is able to organize it and whittle it down into a finished product.

The real secret to producing good work, I feel, is not just in how much you create, but how often you can spend time getting rid of things and reorganizing the ideas or creations. Skipping this step means you’ll have a lot of good ideas, but nothing complete. As a teacher once told me, “writing is rewriting”.