– The Magic Mastermind –


Everyone wants to live a happy life. After all, who doesn’t want wealth, abundance, and positive relationships in their life? Unfortunately, our lives can sometimes get thrown off track, leading to confusion, stress, and feelings of failure.

David Ranalli knows what its like to experience the highs and lows that life has to offer. Having the strength and balance to continue requires a community of people invested in our personal success.

That is why David started The Magic Mastermind, a group for high-performing professionals who are invested in each other’s success. This community is dedicated to helping each other achieve our vision for success. People are able to clarify their goals, overcome challenges, network, live happily, and network with other success-oriented peers.

The Magic Mastermind will help you focus, developing a creative edge, and align your efforts with your dreams.

David’s Magic Mastermind Program Includes:

  • Annual 1-on-1 Goal Setting Sessions with David
  • Weekly accountability meetings
  • A Once a Month Leadership Jam Event with a Focused Topic
  • Access to David’s 20 Years of Stage Performance & Communication Training
  • Unlimited Access to David for Project Feedback
  • Discounts on David’s Private Public Speaking Training
  • Membership to David’s Private Facebook Group

Topics David Helps People with:

  • Amplifying Your Creativity
  • Developing an Edge in Your Work
  • Networking and Sales Strategies
  • Public Speaking and Hypnotic Communication
  • Health & Mindfulness Balancing Techniques
  • Quitting Addictive Behaviors
  • Cutting Out the Noise
  • Strategies for Enhancing Personal Time & Relationships
  • Connection to Nature & Sustainability Strategies
  • Problem Solving & Brainstorming Techniques

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