– On Stage –
Comedy Magic & Mind Reading Show


DR - Mediterra - 69

Packed full of laughs and astonishment, David Ranalli is a natural born showman who creates full-scale shows of wonder using simple, everyday objects. His Magic, Mentalism, & Comedy are sure to make an evening of memories.

Inspired by illusionists of the past, David puts the show back into the hands and hearts of the audience by involving participants at every moment possible. Do not expect to sit back and get comfy; before long you will be up on your feet involved in the mystery.

Some things you may see or experience include:

  • Cause a lightbulb to explode with your mind
  • Calling a friend or family member (on speaker phone) to have their mind read in front of everyone
  • Incredible feats of sleight of hand using playing cards, and other simple objects
  • A game of chance involving David’s left hand and 4 staple guns, one of which is loaded (and unknown to anyone)

Magician in IndianapolisThough most often featured as the select entertainment of business and social events around the country, David’s touring stage performances can sometimes also be seen live as dinner theaters in restaurants, or on stage of other venues. Be sure to check David’s blog for possible up-coming performances, or “Like” his Facebook page to stay up to date.


– Up Close –
Strolling Magic


Best magician in indianapolis

Break the ice at your event with close-up magic while David mingles through a crowd, such as during a cocktail hour. Small groups of people will erupt with amazement & laughter, and you will know that the event is off to a great start. Close-up magic is a great way to encourage networking.

People around the country experience this unique blend of David’s social charm and astonishing experiences. Corporate & social event planners rest easy knowing their event will have high energy right from the start.