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Dynamic Programs For Your Next Event

For over 20 years David Ranalli has been bringing his own brand of magic and creativity into the world.

Now, David is sharing his secrets of success to influence any person or situation using the principles of magic & showmanship.

David’s programs will energize and empower your audience so they can have the confidence to can handle any situation like a master performer.

Perfect for:

  • Training Events
  • Leadership Summits
  • Association Conferences
  • Team Gatherings

Available for Live and Virtual Events!

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// Keynote Speech

Keynote Speaker Magician David Ranalli Persuasion, Leadership, Influence

The Art of Influence

For the past 20 years, David Ranalli has been on a mission: to influence the world using magic.

Now, influencing people, things, and places is a very mysterious practice. 

That’s why David has collected every tool he can to understand what creates change in the world, and how to ride those energy waves for a more abundant future.

The Art of Influence is a keynote that shares David’s most important findings. 

This entertaining experience is part magic show and part manifesto for change that will give your audience the power to influence like a magician. 

David takes people on a journey to understand the hypnotic art of influence, the power of our imaginations, and the potential global consequences if we learn to unlock this power inside of our hearts.

So what would up do if you had the power to influence anyone or anything? 

What would you do, and how would you do it? 

Would you be happy when it was all done?

Welcome to The Art of Influence. 


  • Energize

  • Entertain

  • & Inspire

// Leadership Training

Speaking Consulting Corporate Training Speaker Dojo

Speaker Dojo

Speaker Dojo is a leadership workshop and training program designed to make you a rockstar in life and business.

David Ranalli has designed a workshop and system using what he’s learned in 20 years of performance and communication.

Whether delivered live or virtual, David starts off by getting you and your team into a motivated and energized state using a variety of empowerment techniques. From there, David guides your team through his philosophies on a variety of communication subjects that will support the goals of your team.

Cultivate Your Skills in:

  • Networking

  • Selling

  • Teamwork

  • Leadership

  • Personal Development

  • Public speaking

  • & More!