– The Magic of Communication –

Communication is:

  • Hear
  • Think
  • Feel
  • Speak


Successful people and businesses all have one thing in common:  they are great at communication. And while most of us try our best, the truth is we live a noisy world that can cloud our judgment, limit our imaginations, and leave us stuck in old patterns with no way out. 

According to David Ranalli, communication is THE tool that people can use for supercharging their lives and careers. After 20 years on stage as a touring magician and speaker, David Ranalli is giving away his secrets to living a magical life by sharing his favorite communication techniques that anyone can do.

David Ranalli’s Keynote, “The Magic of Communication” breaks down the science of unlocking your inner confidence, developing your voice, and performing with power in any kind of situation. David also uses magic in his speech to help attendees see the concepts in action, and how magicians use them to invoke wonder.

Attendees of “The Magic of Communication” will learn:

– How to speak with confidence and presence

– What magicians know about capturing people’s attention and imagination

– How to build a strong sense of self-awareness

– How to break unhealthy patterns of communication

– How to focus between in-person and digital worlds and relationships