David Ranalli Gala Magician

Create an Astonishing Gala for Your Guests

Discover the magic of your next fundraising gala by creating an exciting atmosphere. David Ranalli provides incredible entertainment that ensures your guests will be engaged, laughing, and in a good mood to make generous donations. His interactive magic & mind reading will charm and delight throughout the evening, and make a great impression on your sponsors & VIP’s alike.

Event Options

Red Carpet Magic -Start your event with something different. David Ranalli can perform magic
for VIP’s on your red carpet, generating an experience that is captivating. This is also a great way to create memorable photos/videos for your media team.

VIP/Sponsor Customization – Have a guest or sponsor you want to impress? David can create a customized piece of magic that can communicate specific message or theme, and be added into a variety of settings throughout the evening.

Cocktail Magic – David will break the ice and mingle with your guests, all while providing incredible magic from group to group. This personal attention will generate excitement, and show your guests how much you appreciate them.

After Dinner Show – Light up the stage with laughter and magic. David’s performances make your audiences the stars of the show! With customizable lengths, routines, and an easy set up, the Magic of David Ranalli will feature your guests and reason for gathering in a whole new way.

Your VIP Appears by Magic – Want to have your guest of honor grace the stage in a unique way? David Ranalli can magically make your VIP appear on stage through magic. Simple to produce and doesn’t require any rehearsal prior to the event.

Pre-Show Marketing – David Ranalli provides eye catching images, and can create unique videos, for your media team to share ahead of the event. He can even appear conduct interviews on TV or print media, plugging his appearance. David wants to ensure that his presence can be used to effectively drive ticket sales, and help towards your goal of a successful evening.


David did a fantastic job! When our hospital decided on “Magical Night Circus” for our Gala fundraiser I knew David would be perfect. He was able to interact with different small groups of people throughout the evening which he called “strolling magic.” He has a congenial personality and really added a lot of charm to our event. After dinner he gave a magical performance that was interactive with the audience and left us in awe. He is truly talented with magical illusion. The real deal! I would hire him again in a heartbeat.