Conferences that Engage, Inspire, & Motivate 

A photo of David Ranalli providing Fun Corporate Team Building Activities

Morning Meetings & General Session Openers

Kick off your event with laughter and audience participation! David Ranalli will ensure that your meeting starts with captivating your audience. Whether it is for a groggy & tired audience early in the morning, or for a high-profile conference with a lot on the line, you can be sure that attendees will be caught off-guard with David’s mind blowing magic. If you want people to be present and focused, there is no better way to do that than by “tricking” them into it.

Brain Breaks

Conferences can be long and emotionally draining, but they don’t have to be. Give your audience a break throughout the day by having David Ranalli perform his famous feats of magic and mentalism between speakers and long sections of heavy information. Your audience will not only be entertained, but also have the necessary mental capacity to be energized and focused during crucial portions of your event.

Networking Events

In today’s digital age, networking has never been more socially awkward. The sure-fire way to ensure your networking events are energetic is by having a personality that is guaranteed to bring people together. David Ranalli will perform close up magic throughout your networking event, introducing and connecting people without them even realizing it. Their networks will grow and expand, and they will never again attend a networking event quite like yours.