– The Art of Influence –

Keynote Speaker Magician David Ranalli Persuasion, Leadership, Influence

Speak, Influence, and Persuade

David Ranalli’s signature keynote, The Art of Influence, is designed to unleash their inner confidence and fearlessly impact the world around them. This program focuses on the power of communication and persuasion and how to use it to achieve your goals.

Drawing on his experience as a professional magician, Ranalli will show you how to use the same techniques, tactics, and strategies that magicians use to captivate, motivate, and persuade. 

David will demonstrate how to use subtle cues and body language to generate trust, create a feeling of mystery, and capture the attention of your audience. You will learn how to create an atmosphere of anticipation and excitement, and how to use the power of suggestion to influence your audience. 

David will also share practical tips for using storytelling, humor, and communication to connect emotionally with your audience and motivate them to take action. 

Finally, David will provide examples of how to use these techniques in real-world scenarios and give you the confidence to become the most captivating, persuasive, and influential person you can be.


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