David Ranalli Meets David Blaine

Let’s be honest… 2017 has certainly showcased that life can have some major ups and downs. From political unrest, environmental disaster, to bitcoin explosion, and to anything that might have happened in our own personal lives. This year has been nut-so. Culturally speaking, this past year has had a tone of either extreme achievement, or extreme angst.

Life is funny like that. Even in the face of obvious bad things, some truly remarkable things can still unfold that are worth huge celebration.

For me, I’ve had some incredible events and experiences this year. While I can say with certainty that this year’s events were some of the most fun I’ve ever had, there were 4 experiences stand out among all the rest:

Meeting David Blaine – That’s right, the man himself. In the early 2000’s, Blaine showed kids like me that you don’t need huge fancy props to create an astonishing experience. It was that influence that still stays with me today. His show was fantastic, and I only geeked out a little bit…

Second Largest Audience of 1600 People – One of my holiday parties this year was for Salesforce! This was a massive party with a huge production at the helm of Sterler Productions (great for producing your next event). My largest audience ever was 2500 people. At just 900 short of that, being on stage for that many people still bears the same amount of energy and force. It’s the kind of thing you have to be on stage to truly appreciate. It was definitely a rush.

TV Trick Revival – There was a coin trick I used to do when I was 16 and performing in small restaurants. Recently I booked a TV spot while in Charlotte for a gig, and decided to whip that trick out to see how it went. Not only did it make for a great TV segment, but I also might be doing it on a national show in the spring (Still TBD, but would be really cool!). You can watch that coin trick here.

Pacers Private Show – I’ve been thrilled to perform magic for the Indiana Pacers in the past. But this year I got to do a private show for some of the team at the stadium. While not my typical venue, it certainly was a unique one.

I try not to fake enthusiasm. In fact, I’m quite bad at it. And so taking the time to rest from the daily grind so I can appreciate the good things in life has become essential. Whether its over a glass of whiskey with friends, or sitting around a bonfire in the yard with some hot chocolate, keeping the positive front and center has become the best habit I stumbled upon in 2017.

And its with that, that I can truly say that 2018 holds unlimited potential for awesomeness. I wish you, wherever and whoever you are, nothing but the best in this magical journey we call life. –¬†David Ranalli