Packed with more than 45 tricks to perform for family and friends!

With the National Geographic Magic Kit, kids will be able to: make coins and balls disappear and reappear, levitate a squiggly worm, make a card balance on the back of their hand, amaze audiences with optical illusions, perform a wide variety of sleight of hand card tricks, learn about the fascinating science behind many of the tricks, and perform an unforgettable magic show!

They’ll also receive detailed instructions for each trick. The kit contains an illustrated instruction booklet along with a special link to online video examples of each trick from a professional magician! He provides the secrets behind each trick, showing the step-by-step techniques needed to successfully perform each illusion. He also gives performance tips so kids can refine their magic skills!

This kids magic kit is packed with classic magician’s props, a specialized card deck, and a fascinating learning guide with insight into the history of magic and the different types of magic kids can see today. Kids will also learn about the science behind optical illusions, misdirection, and more!

Order the National Geographic Magic Kit today and watch your child become a magician in no time!