Entertainment Proposal For
Index-Traub – Methods & Equipment Associates9/14/22 in Chicago, IL

Program Details:

  • Cocktail Party Magic

    • Add energy and excitement to your event!

    • David Mingles & Performs Among Crowd

    • Guests experience magic &
      mind-reading that will blow their minds

  • Pricing:

    • 2 Hours – $2000

    • 3 Hours – $2500

    • Custom Playing Cards with INDEX Logo – 3 Decks for $75, FREE when you book 3 hours of magic

    • Magic Invite Video – David Makes a 30-second video, inviting guests to see magic at the event and ensuring a large turnout. The production fee is $250, or FREE when you book the 3-hour package.

*David Ranalli reserves the right to change or void any proposals that are not booked after 30 days of being sent.