// LEGAL DRUGS – How Getting High is Changing the World and Way We Do Business

From drinking your morning coffee, to smoking DMT, drugs come in many different forms.

After growing up in the drug-filled suburbs of Chicago, David had seen many positive and negative encounters with the world of drugs and addiction. Though many stigmas still exist, the time is now to help foster new awareness and attitudes for our health and society.

Did you know that without hallucinogens like LSD, leaders like Steve Jobs would never have invented the Macbook? These types of examples are waking up executives to the reality of what legalizing drugs will do for the world and their businesses.

Between Marijuana and the recent Oregon legalization of “Magic Mushrooms”, your business is about to change in significant ways. David Ranalli wants to help you get ahead of these changes by sharing his first-hand knowledge and expertise about these types of substances.

Putting the fear and party elements aside, David lays out the importance and science behind mind-altering substances.

Does your team risk getting addicted? What role will these drugs play in hospitality and business meetings? Can certain drugs actually amplify the talent of your team? What business opportunities exist within this new world?

David helps answer all these questions and more.