Influence and communication workshop with motivational speaker and magician David Ranalli

// INFLUENCE – A communication and leadership workshop

Magicians are experts in the art of persuasion and influence. INFLUENCE is a crash course in communication and leadership, designed to help you and your audience achieve the impossible under high-pressure situations.

David Ranalli gives a backstage look at how magicians use psychology, body language, and public speaking to influence large groups of people.

Perfect for executives, salespeople, and new employees who are ready to climate the ladder of success.

When you book INFLUENCE, you get:

  • A One-Hour Lecture that’s entertaining, empowering, and filled with magical moments
  • Pre-Event Consultation
  • Customized Talking Points to Support Your Audience’s Needs
  • A copy of David’s report “10 Ways to Influence & Speak with Authority”
  • Post Show Q&A

Event Booking Details:

  • Format: Keynote, Entertainment, Breakout
  • Delivery: Live, Virtual, or Hybrid
  • Available Lengths: 20, 40, or 60 Minutes
  • Audience Size: 20 – 2000
  • Topic(s): Magic, Hypnosis, Communication, Influence, Persuasion, Leadership

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