Let’s Connect Your Brand to Customers in an Unforgettable Way

You’ve come to the right place to add a spark of creativity to your brand. Whether you have 1000 people sitting at a product launch event, or need a unique way to draw attention to your brand online, David Ranalli can help you add a “magic touch” to make an impact on your target audience.

See How David Customized in this TV Commercial:


Corporate Customization Services

Product Launches

You don’t need smoke and mirrors to make sure your product has a grand entrance in the marketplace. David Ranalli’s stage programs will take your product and weave it into a presentation that will help explain the benefits and features of your new product in a way the audience will not forget. Whether it is for your sales reps, clients, or industry colleagues, by working with David you will make sure your product makes appears in front of people like magic.

TV & Online Content

Creating a video that is both mesmerizing and informative is no easy feat. Luckily, as a magician who has consulted for both TV and online video, your message will stand a chance of being seen in todays busy media world. David Ranalli can both consult on the production elements of using magic to create compelling content, or star as your featured magician and representative of the video.

Trade Shows

When David Ranalli, hits the trade show floor, people take notice. He is a trade show magician, performing rapid fire magic and comedy that gets your exhibit seen by the people who matter. His presentations are specially crafted to the trade show passerby; they are visual, comedic, and showcase your products and services. Your vision will come to life as people engage with your products and services in a way that they will never forget.  People will be hear your message, and leave spellbound and laughing.

David’s presentations always involve a memorable prop or souvenir that an audience member will walk away with. But they walk away with more than a memorable keepsake, they walk away with a story that centers around you and your brand.